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Breaking ground


Aquila is a longwall mining project in Queensland jointly owned by Anglo American and Mitsui Coal Holdings Pty Ltd with Anglo American as the managing company. A feasibility study commenced in October 2013 and highlighted significant potential in the Aquila resource with standalone longwall mining identified as the best future method.

The project involves the construction of surface infrastructure, the development of longwall panels and underground infrastructure to support the operation. The operation will target two seams, the Aquila and Aquila Lower coal seams.

We estimate Aquila has the potential to produce an average 3.5 million run-of-mine (ROM) tonnes per annum, peaking at 4.9 million tonnes per annum.

Boundary Hill South

Boundary Hill South is an important open cut mining extension to our operating Callide mine in Queensland.

We will use existing equipment and infrastructure to secure the future of Callide mine. With the current operation at Boundary Hill exhausting coal reserves by 2016, the Boundary Hill South Mining Lease will extend the life of Callide mine and provide continued employment for more than 250 local people.

The activities associated with the project will include:

  1. Developing a new open cut operation in the project area
  2. Constructing a haul road north from the project’s new open cut pit for overburden transport for backfilling into the existing Boundary Hill pit
  3. Constructing a new overburden dump area to the west of the area to be mined
  4. Relocating a section of Inverness Road, currently located within the project area.

Boundary Hill South Project Community News


Construction on Anglo American’s $1.95 billion Grosvenor longwall project is nearing the three year mark and we are on track to longwall mining beginning in late 2016. The project involves developing a greenfield underground coal mine, producing up to 5 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of coking coal for export (2014 Annual Report)

We are developing a high-quality operation adjacent to our existing Moranbah North facility that will offer benefits to the community, the State and the people we employ, while at the same time enabling us to continue to provide our customers with the high-quality metallurgical coal our mines are renowned for.

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The project site is located approximately 190 kilometres south-west of Mackay, will use the longwall mining method to mine coal with an anticipated mine life in excess of 30 years. As construction is developing we are celebrating a number of industry firsts - Anglo American is the first underground coal mine in Queensland to use a tunnel boring machine to develop the drifts, or access tunnels, in coal mine development.

Construction is progressing well, with the mine infrastructure area and administration building completed in the first half of 2014. Following the completion of the coal conveyor drift, our first crews began development work in the underground in September 2014 and will continue until longwall mining begins in late 2016.

Grosvenor factsheet

Grosvenor environment

Grosvenor project update – 2014



Underground mining at Dartbrook in New South Wales ceased on January 1, 2007 and the mine is now under Care and Maintenance. Exploration and conceptual studies are currently progressing to explore options for resources using the existing infrastructure.

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Drayton South

Anglo American is currently seeking approval to develop the Drayton South project, a replacement operation for the existing Drayton open cut mine in the New South Wales Hunter Valley. Drayton South will extend the life of the existing 30-year-old Drayton mine, which is due to run out of mineable coal reserves in the near future and will use the same infrastructure, mining equipment and administrations currently at Drayton. Drayton South will save 500 local jobs, provide ongoing support for 140 local businesses, $60 million in taxes and State Royalties annually and contribute $70 million towards local procurement each year.

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Moranbah South

Moranbah South is a future 50% joint venture project between Anglo American and Exxaro in Central Queensland, south of our Grosvenor project. In mid-2014 we received the draft environmental approval from the Queensland Government and in November 2014 we received approval from the Australian Federal Government.

The resource consists of high quality coking coal and the project would involve developing a brand new underground longwall operation. The timings for project development are still to be determined and will be adjusted to suit favourable market conditions. In the meantime our focus has been on securing the environmental approvals for the project, providing us with the flexibility to progress the project when conditions improve.

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